The Bounty Hunters Talk Back

Find out the origins of the Bounty Hunters from the original Star Wars Trilogy.

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The Bounty Hunters Talk Back Credits

Darryl Lamb
Animation, Director, Editor, Music.
Trevor Lamb
Director, Editor, Music, Producer, Scriptwriter, Sound Effects Editor.

4-Lom, Dengar, Jabba The Hutt: Darryl Lamb
Greedo, Han Solo: Trevor Lamb
Boba Fett: Ted Alderman
Bossk: Ryan Czaplinski
Chewbacca: Tyler Gray
Darth Vader: Ben Fletcher
Empire Voiceover: Chad Miles
IG-88: Andrew Hookway
Joe: Glenn Hvidsten
Stormtroopers, T-6PO: Tristan Snowsill
Zuckuss: Courtland Brugger

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