Wacky Pod Races

And now here they are... The most daredevil group of wacky pod pilots to ever fly their pods in the wacky pod races, competing for the title of the galaxys wackiest pod racer.

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Wacky Pod Races Credits

Darryl Lamb
Animation, Director, Editor, Storyboards.
Trevor Lamb
Director, Editor, Producer, Scriptwriter, Sound Effects Editor.

Big Yellow Hand

The Mos Eisley Clan, Narrator, R2 Unit: Ted Alderman
Crumbly, Darth Dastardly: David Alexander
Boss Nass, Ben, The Ewok Brothers, The Fearsome Henchmen, Han, Jar Jar, Masterful Luke: Andrew Bowyer
Princess Leia: Shannon Hilchie
Watto the Toydarian: Thomas Hvidsten
Jabba: Darryl Lamb
Chewie Wookiee, Private Battle Droid, Sarge:
Timothy Lock
Red Three: Chad Miles

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